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Structural House Repair | Charlotte, NC

Structural Works, Inc. of Charlotte, NC performs various framing and structural repairs to existing homes.  We have worked closely with Charlotte Structural Engineers on many projects and have the expertise to effectively perform tasks required to repair a structure.

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Framing Repair | Charlotte, NC

There are many reasons for sagging floors, damaged trusses, and various other common structural issues with your home.  In most cases, the structural issues are due to improper construction techniques or decay.  Structural Works has the experience and expertise to effectively repair or retrofit your home in order to satisfy the structural engineering or building code requirements.

Structural Works, General Contractors, also performs various other tasks for homeowners, including the following:

  • Roofing Repair
  • Shingle Installation and Replacement
  • Masonry Repair and Re-pointing
  • Foundation Screw Jack (floor leveling)
  • Sill beam replacement due to rot or damage
  • Joist & Girder Repair

Reasons for Structural Repair | Charlotte

  • Fire Damage to Framing
  • Mold or Rotting Wood
  • Overstressed Members
  • Missing Shingles or Water Stains
  • Masonry or Foundation Cracks
  • Bouncy Floors, Dipped or Unlevel Floors
  • Crawlspace Damage
  • Items of concern from Home Inspector or Structural Engineer

Roofing and Shingle Replacement | Charlotte

Why and when should you be concerned about your home's roof?  Keep in mind that the most common causes of damage to houses are water intrusion/moisture and foundation movements.  For now, we will focus on the first.  Roofs and shingles shall be monitored and inspected regularly to ensure proper water drainage and discharge.  A homeowner can be unaware of a leaking roof until its too late.  Once the moisture is allowed to enter the structure, the timber members are immediately susceptible to mold and decay.  Once the moisture content in timber reaches approximately 28%, mold and fungi can begin to damage the timber.  In addition, certain types of mold can be potentially harmful to people.

A properly installed and maintained shingle roof is the first line of defense against water penetration.  At Structural Works, we take pride in providing quality installed roof/shingle systems that protect your most valuable investment.  Don't wait until its too late.  Water damage can be very expensive to repair, compared to re-roofing/shingle replacement and proper maintenance.


Masonry Repair | Charlotte

Structural Works has experienced masons that can provide masonry repair and re-pointing for almost any application.  Masonry work is a specialized field and experience is key.  At Structural Works, we provide permanent solutions for masonry repairs.  Anything from re-pointing to total building construction, Structural Works can help.


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