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Landscaping Walls | Charlotte NC

Structural Works, of Charlotte, NC is the premiere landscaping and retaining wall provider to homeowners and commercial builders.  We have both the construction experience and engineering resources to provide retaining walls that perform properly and have extended service periods.  We can provide retaining walls that are certified by a structural engineer.  This ensures quality and construction standards.  Avoid failing walls, call us today!

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Landscaping Walls | Charlotte NC

Landscaping Walls add a distinctive look and appeal to your home, while providing a more efficient yard profile.  We provide services for both retaining walls and decorative walls.  The main difference between the two are simply the amount of soil retained or grade elevation difference.

The landscaping block types, maximum heights, and use are all involved in a properly designed and functioning wall.  As mentioned before, we have engineering resources to provide certification of the wall design and construction.  This is very important when hiring a contractor to perform the work.  This assures that  proper installation will occur and that the block are used within their design parameters and limits.


Typical Landscaping Wall Installation

There are many conditions that directly affect the design and construction of retaining walls.  That's why it is important to contract a licensed contractor and have them provide engineering certification for the walls.  Landscaping walls are only as effective as the design requirements, soil conditions, and contractor's experience allow.  We provide structural secure and aesthetically pleasing walls that stand the test of time.  See below why you should consider landscaping block retaining walls:
  • Landscaping block walls provide a distinctive appeal to your home.
  • Create patios and decorative grilling areas.
  • Gain yard and lawn areas due to sloping grade.
  • Retaining walls can be used to manage watershed and discharge away from your home


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