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FHA Foundation Requirements | Charlotte North Carolina

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Structural Works Inc., of Charlotte NC (general contractors) work closely with Structural Engineers to perform certified FHA foundation upgrades and repairs to existing or new manufactured or mobile homes.  These upgrades are typically performed for FHA loans and lender approvals.

We provide a variety of upgrade services for Manufactured Homes (mobile homes) in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina areas.  Our upgrade services are mainly focused on ensuring that homes are structurally sound and meet the provisions of both FHA (Federal Housing Administration) or VA (Veterans Affairs) and HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).  The governing document for these FHA requirements is "The Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes (PFGMH)" or commonly referred to as the HUD Handbook 007487, dated 1996.  This handbook applies to all loans requiring HUD or FHA certification in North Carolina, including Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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Commonly Required FHA Upgrades for Manufactured Homes

  • Concrete footings or equivalent shall be provided below the frost line for the concrete block piers that support the chassis of the mobile or manufactured home.
  • Concrete block piers supporting the chassis of the manufactured home shall be laid using Portland cement mortar. (As an alternative, block may be laid dry (dry stacked) and secured with fiber reinforced surface bonding cement such as Surewall or Quickwall.)  Not required for Freddie Mac.
  • Manufactured home chassis shall be anchored to the footings by appropriate engineered foundation stabilization system.  (Screw-in earth anchors cannot be substituted for anchoring to the footing!)  The Vector Dynamics brand stabilization systems are acceptable and must be installed per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Manufactured or mobile home foundation shall be enclosed with a durable material, such as masonry (brick).
  • Adequate number of foundation vents shall be provided (1 square foot of net free area per 150 square feet for crawlspace floor area) around the entire foundation perimeter of the building.
  • Entire dirt floor of the crawlspace shall be covered with 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting.
  • Tongue, axles, and wheels shall be removed from the manufactured home and the site.
  • Utilities shall be permanently installed where the manufactured home is located.

Why Choose Structural Works, Charlotte's Première FHA Foundation Contractor?

  • Structural Works has the experience as expertise to cost effectively repair and upgrade your manufactured home. 
  • We provide free estimates for upgrades required to meet the provisions of FHA & HUD regulations as required by the structural engineering report or home inspection.
  • A quick turn around time is always top priority during most real estate and refinance transactions.  We provide very fast turn around times which we guarantee to meet your schedule.
  • FHA Foundation Certification upgrades are performed by Structural Works with minimal disturbance to your property.  We leave the property clean and ready for final inspection.  We can also recommend structural engineers for certification as required.

Basic Qualifications for FHA Approval in North Carolina

  • Manufactured or mobile home must be double wide
  • Manufactured home must be constructed AFTER June 15, 1976
  • The mobile home cannot have been moved more than once (only moved from the dealership to the current piece of land)
  • Flood Insurance - No part of the finished grade level under the home can be below the 100 year flood level
  • Tie Downs (Earth Anchors) - The manufactured home or mobile home (double wide) must have an acceptable number of tie downs, usually the number is eight
  • Additions are allowed! However, they must have been permitted additions
  • Working farms are not allowed
  • Manufactured home must comply with the general FHA requirements and PASS a structural engineering foundation review and certification based on the HUD Handbook 007487, The Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes, 1996. 

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