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Basement Waterproofing | Charlotte NC

Structural Works, Inc., or Charlotte North Carolina, a licensed general contractor has performed various types of water prevention and waterproofing jobs on existing and new homes. 

Excess water penetration and exterior moisture around the perimeter of your home can have more than strictly visual or unsightly impacts on the house or basement. 

Structural Works implements the Polyguard 650 system to permanently prevent water penetration through basement walls.  The system is composed of a waterproofing membrane that is completely impervious to water penetration.

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Crawlspace Waterproofing & French Drains

At Structural Works of Charlotte, NC we perform a variety of services for homeowners to reduce the amount of excess water in and around their homes. We provide services from French Drain installation to total re-grading and landscaping.  In many cases there are common issues that can be performed to drastically reduced the excess moisture and water discharge around the foundations that involve very cost-effective solutions.  Some of the solutions provided to ours clients are listed below.
  • Crawlspace Damp-proofing and vapor barrier installation
  • French Drain Installation, Exterior and/or Interior
  • Sump Pump Installation

Grading Solutions | Charlotte

Grading and proper slope for water runoff & discharge are the first line of defense for water control around the house and foundation.  Does the grade around the foundation stay wet/moist?  Does the masonry foundation walls have efflorescence (a white coloration on the mortar joints).  Is your crawlspace floor very wet or have standing water? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may have water control issues.  When water is not controlled around a foundation, foundation movements and cracks become likely.  Due to variations in moisture content in the foundation supporting soil, the relative size of the soil varies as well.  Moisture causes the soil to swell and as it dries, it shrinks.  Its important to control and stabilize these fluctuations.  Services we commonly provide are listed below.

  • Gutter Downspout Re-routing by sub-grade drain lines
  • Re-grading and landscaping to provide adequate grade slope away from home
  • Catch Basins in "low spots" with subgrade draining to daylight
  • French drains installed in the wet spots of the yard to dry up excess moisture


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